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10 Jun 2022

As climate change threatens the production of Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee will step into the spotlight. However, matching the flavour profile of Arabica coffee will prove a challenge for beverage brands.

30 May 2022

What is pectin, and how does it work? What are the pros and cons of using it? Let’s dive into the world of pectin and answer some of your common questions.

12 May 2022

The pandemic has elevated the importance of immunity amongst consumers, presenting brands with an opportunity to create accessible immune health products.

14 Apr 2022

Formulating with ingredients of provenance and telling unique stories about the background of a product can help them stand out. Provenance elevates the product’s premium credentials and differentiates it from the competition.

15 Mar 2022

The global shortages of Xanthan gum will likely continue for months. This brief article provides a rundown on what you need to consider when looking for potential replacements.

11 Mar 2022

How can you ensure your yoghurt product stands out on the shelves? This report looks into what consumers are looking for in yoghurts, and how some brands are responding to these demands for healthier yoghurt.

02 Mar 2022

When it comes to the fortification of an oat beverage, it can be tricky to know what you can and can’t use to abide by FSANZ. Our expert food technologist Grace, has you covered!

08 Feb 2022

With consumers growing awareness of the gut microbiome's fundamental role in their health, many people recognise the need to support their digestive system. Postbiotics is tipped to become the next ingredient for gut health.

27 Jan 2022

Matching and changing colours in processed foods can be a complex task. So let our applications technologist, Elise Waddell, walk you through the techniques to make your job easier!

11 Jan 2022

In our first Trend Watch report for 2022, we dive into what is predicted to drive consumer behaviour in the coming year.

22 Dec 2021

Gone are the days of sickly-sweet mocktails or club sodas – alcohol-free options have exploded in 2021. Find out what the biggest changes were for this trending category, and see our predictions for what’s next.