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06 May 2024

One of the stand-out trends at Natural Products Expo West this year was hydration. From pickle juice shots and hydrating coffee through to gummies promising skin hydration, this claim was spotted everywhere at the Expo.

16 Apr 2024

Amanda Thomas, our Sales & Business Development Manager, and Lauren Robinson, our Marketing Executive, were recently lucky enough to head over to California for the annual Natural Health Products Expo West conference.

09 Apr 2024

As we bid farewell to another Easter season, it's clear that innovation and creativity continue to drive excitement and engagement within the confectionery and bakery landscape.

11 Mar 2024

Dive into the innovative uses of peach flavour and colour in 2024, from surprising savoury applications to fresh twists on traditional sweets.

19 Feb 2024

Not all Vitamin D is created equal. In this blog article, our health & nutrition experts Amanda and Michael look at whether there are significant differences between Vitamin D2 and Vitamin D3, and what this means for food and supplement manufacturers.

08 Feb 2024

The powdered beverage market is experiencing rapid global growth, driven by convenience, sustainability, and health-conscious consumer trends.

18 Dec 2023

As 2023 winds down, anticipation for next year's trends grows. Our analysis, drawing from key industry voices like Mintel, Circana, and The Food People, highlights three dominant trends: 'Hack my Health,' 'Trust the Process,' and 'Sustainable Choices.'

27 Nov 2023

As Movember shines a light on Men's Health, it's crucial to address concerns often overlooked. Brands should embrace a holistic approach, considering stress relief, prostate health, and reproductive needs.

30 Oct 2023

With the heightened focus on mental wellness in recent years, there are great innovation opportunities for products that can help people relax, sleep better and de-stress.

25 Sep 2023

The northern hemisphere summer brought a surge of creative ice cream flavours, aligning with key trends revealed in a recent Mintel report.

16 Aug 2023

The global sports nutrition market growth has slowed due to a lack of innovation. What's next for the category?

19 Jul 2023

With egg shortages looming globally, brands are seizing the opportunity to find replacements for the ever-valuable protein source, especially for those who support a vegan diet.