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27 Nov 2023

As Movember shines a light on Men's Health, it's crucial to address concerns often overlooked. Brands should embrace a holistic approach, considering stress relief, prostate health, and reproductive needs.

30 Oct 2023

With the heightened focus on mental wellness in recent years, there are great innovation opportunities for products that can help people relax, sleep better and de-stress.

27 Sep 2023

If you are thinking about capitalising on market interest in vegan gummies, you will need to manage both formulation changes and processing changes. Let our technical expert, Mahshid, walk you through how to create the ultimate vegan gummy.

25 Sep 2023

The northern hemisphere summer brought a surge of creative ice cream flavours, aligning with key trends revealed in a recent Mintel report.

16 Aug 2023

The global sports nutrition market growth has slowed due to a lack of innovation. What's next for the category?

19 Jul 2023

With egg shortages looming globally, brands are seizing the opportunity to find replacements for the ever-valuable protein source, especially for those who support a vegan diet.

26 Jun 2023

Asian fusion cuisine has been popular for decades, but new flavours and mash-ups are generating revived interest. Jump into this blog post for an update on what’s trending in this space, and how we’re bringing this to life on our stand at foodpro next month.

14 Jun 2023

Discover the trendy and flavorful world of modern Korean cuisine. Get inspired by endless possibilities, from spicy bulgogi sauces to refined soju cocktails, and see how innovative new offerings are bringing Korean cuisine to supermarket shelves and restaurant menus.

03 May 2023

Discover the latest food industry trend that’s taking social media by storm: pink food.

20 Mar 2023

The shift towards processed foods and modern lifestyles has resulted in declining fibre consumption, creating a substantial gap between recommended and actual intake. More brands are starting to close the gap with fibre-focused innovations.

31 Jan 2023

Learn about the shift in pet food towards functional and natural ingredients that address pet health concerns. Pet nutrition is constantly evolving, with new research and developments shaping the industry.

29 Nov 2022

A new year on the horizon brings newly predicted trends. We’ve done our research and taken note of three trends that stand out.