WattsUp Trend Watch – Blooming Botanicals


Consumers are increasingly aware of the functional health benefits that natural botanical ingredients can provide. From milks that support the immune system to snack bars that provide stress relief, botanicals are nowadays being used in many different products. Read on for a summary of why brands should be paying attention to these trending ingredients.

What’s new in modern ‘Asian fusion’?


Asian fusion cuisine has been popular for decades, but new flavours and mash-ups are generating revived interest. Jump into this blog post for an update on what’s trending in this space, and how we’re bringing this to life on our stand at foodpro next month.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Better for the Planet


Consumers are increasingly taking sustainability and ethics into consideration when purchasing food and beverages. Our latest Trend Watch report looks at how this is playing out, and how some brands have responded.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Functional Dairy & Dairy Alternatives


The increased interest in health and wellness we saw in 2020 is becoming evident in new dairy and dairy alternatives. Brands are looking to position their products as nutritionally dense and as go-to healthy solutions. Learn more in our latest trend report.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Mellow Yellow


Light yellows and greys may seem like somewhat unusual colours for the food and beverage space – but they actually have great trend setting potential. Read out latest report to find out why.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Lychee


Lychees, a subtly sweet tropical fruit, are making waves in 2021. Previously little known in many countries, this gem is now getting its time in the sun! Download our latest Trend Watch for an insight into what new products are using lychee, what flavours are paired with it, and more.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Veggies in Disguise


Our first Trend Watch of the year looks at how consumers are searching for foods that are both delicious and healthy. From nuggets with ‘hidden veggies’ through to cookies made using spinach, brands are catering to consumers’ growing interest in health.

Gingerbread Crinkle Cookies


A tasty and surprisingly simple Christmas cookie recipe – with fragrant spices and a chewy, moreish centre.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Alcohol-Free Drinks


Our last Trend Watch report looked at low-alcohol beverages. But what about no-alcohol? Sophisticated booze-free options are also on the rise. Read on to find out more!

WattsUp Trend Watch: Boozy Summer Sips


The warmer weather is finally here, and with it comes a fresh new wave of summer drinks. From refreshing ‘hard’ seltzers through to boozy kombucha, the focus is on low-alcohol drinks with health attributes to boot.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Sugar Reduction


Brands in Australia and New Zealand are coming under increased pressure to reduce the sugar content of their products. This article looks at the data surrounding the sugar reduction debate, and how some companies are tackling this challenge.