WattsUp Trend Watch – Think Pink


Bright pink is the latest colour trend taking the food industry by storm. And it’s not just being seen in pink macarons or ice creams! Read on for our insights into how and why this trend is impacting the industry.

WattsUp Trend Watch – Pet Nutrition


Learn about the shift in pet food towards functional and natural ingredients that address pet health concerns. Nothing is too good for our furry friends!

WattsUp Trend Watch – Summer Sips


What’re the hottest beverage flavours of summer 2022/2023? Let’s dig into what the summer holds in this month’s Trend Report.

WattsUp Trend Watch – Upcycled Food & Drink


Interest in upcycled food and drink is certainly on the rise. Not only is it good for the environment, and food security, it also provides consumers with a feel-good sense of taking action.

Sleep Health and ‘Covid-somnia’


In this article, we’ll look at the rise of ‘Covid-somnia’, factors affecting sleep health, the importance of quality sleep and how brands can formulate products to support consumers in this important space.

WattsUp Trend Watch – Robusta Revolution


As climate change threatens the production of Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee will step into the spotlight. However, matching the flavour profile of Arabica coffee will prove a challenge for beverage brands.