Next-Gen Gluten-free Bakery

Only 1-2% of Australians and Kiwis suffer from coeliac disease, but according to a report from the Medical Journal of Australia in 2019, around about 11% of Australians follow a gluten-free diet. This is a sizeable segment of the population, which is increasingly being reflected in the gluten-free options available in supermarkets and food service outlets. In the past, people avoiding gluten had to put up with sub-par baked goods, but consumers nowadays are demanding more. From moreish muffins to scrumptious slices, gluten-free product development in the bakery space is evolving fast. Manufacturers and brands will need to keep up with consumer expectations to ensure their product’s success. Improving flavour, texture and even aroma are key to creating a great gluten-free taste experience.

Read on for more background on this trend, and to see how some brands are responding.

Recently there has been a rise in demand for gluten-free goods, but consumers aren’t convinced that the existing options stack up against conventional products.