Distilled Monoglycerides (DMG)

Distilled monoglycerides (DMG) are used in aerated confectionery to improve foaming and stability. When added to bread DMG improves crumb softness. It is often added to baked goods to improve cake batter performance, crumb structure and cake volume. DMG is also added to Caramels to reduce stickiness and ensure homogenous fat distribution. When added to cheese DMG can be useful in controlling melting properties and texture and if used in chewing gum DMG will improve the gum base softness. Another common product containing DMG is coffee whitener where it is added to improve opacity. In summary, DMG is useful in controlling air incorporation, foaming, freeze-thaw stability and reducing the tendency for fat separation. It is also often added to pasta to reduce stickiness and extruded products to control starch gelatinisation.