WattsUp Trend Watch – Indulgent Treats


In these current uncertain times, people are reaching for indulgent desserts, cakes, cookies and more to help lift their mood. In this Trend Watch report, we look at how brands are innovating to create indulgent sweets that still feel ‘permissible’ to consumers.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Better for the Planet


Consumers are increasingly taking sustainability and ethics into consideration when purchasing food and beverages. Our latest Trend Watch report looks at how this is playing out, and how some brands have responded.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Veggies in Disguise


Our first Trend Watch of the year looks at how consumers are searching for foods that are both delicious and healthy. From nuggets with ‘hidden veggies’ through to cookies made using spinach, brands are catering to consumers’ growing interest in health.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Gut Health


Awareness of the importance of gut health has grown exponentially in recent years. Download this article for further information on the trajectory of this trend.