Sleep Health and ‘Covid-somnia’


In this article, we’ll look at the rise of ‘Covid-somnia’, factors affecting sleep health, the importance of quality sleep and how brands can formulate products to support consumers in this important space.

Ingredient Focus – Pectin 101


What is pectin, and how does it work? What are the pros and cons of using it? Let’s dive into the world of pectin and answer some of your common questions.

Techniques to Match Colour Shade in Food


Matching and changing colours in processed foods can be a complex task. So let our applications technologist, Elise Waddell, walk you through the techniques to make your job easier!

Alcohol-Free Beverages: A Year in Review


Gone are the days of sickly-sweet mocktails or club sodas – alcohol-free options have exploded in 2021. Find out what the biggest changes were for this trending category, and see our predictions for what’s next.

What is the Flavour Pyramid?


Flavour is at the core of creating delicious food and drink. Find out how the Flavour Pyramid can help you create complex and delicious flavours every time.

Sugar Replacement in Bakery


Replacing sugar in bakery applications can be a minefield. This article looks at some of the key issues to take into account when replacing sugar, and our recommendations for how to succeed.

Alternatives to Locust Bean Gum (LBG)


With tight supply and rising prices, many people are on the lookout for potential LBG replacements. In this blog post our resident hydrocolloid expert, Celia, takes you through some of the potential alternatives.

What’s new in modern ‘Asian fusion’?


Asian fusion cuisine has been popular for decades, but new flavours and mash-ups are generating revived interest. Jump into this blog post for an update on what’s trending in this space, and how we’re bringing this to life on our stand at foodpro next month.