WattsUp Trend Watch – Summer Sips


What’re the hottest beverage flavours of summer 2022/2023? Let’s dig into what the summer holds in this month’s Trend Report.

WattsUp Trend Watch – Robusta Revolution


As climate change threatens the production of Arabica coffee, Robusta coffee will step into the spotlight. However, matching the flavour profile of Arabica coffee will prove a challenge for beverage brands.

Alcohol-Free Beverages: A Year in Review


Gone are the days of sickly-sweet mocktails or club sodas – alcohol-free options have exploded in 2021. Find out what the biggest changes were for this trending category, and see our predictions for what’s next.

WattsUp Trend Watch – Cutting-Edge Caffeination


In this Trend Watch report, we look at how coffee brands are differentiating their offerings through both indulgence and functionality. Consumers are looking for more than just a standard cup of coffee, and brands have heard their demands loud and clear!

WattsUp Trend Watch: Alcohol-Free Drinks


Our last Trend Watch report looked at low-alcohol beverages. But what about no-alcohol? Sophisticated booze-free options are also on the rise. Read on to find out more!

WattsUp Trend Watch: Boozy Summer Sips


The warmer weather is finally here, and with it comes a fresh new wave of summer drinks. From refreshing ‘hard’ seltzers through to boozy kombucha, the focus is on low-alcohol drinks with health attributes to boot.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Sugar Reduction


Brands in Australia and New Zealand are coming under increased pressure to reduce the sugar content of their products. This article looks at the data surrounding the sugar reduction debate, and how some companies are tackling this challenge.

WattsUp Trend Watch: Gut Health


Awareness of the importance of gut health has grown exponentially in recent years. Download this article for further information on the trajectory of this trend.