Starch is a carbohydrate extracted from plant sources such as corn, tapioca, rice, sago and potato.

The starch molecule consists of a large number of glucose units joined by glycosidic bonds.

Starches are truly versatile ingredients, delivering thickening and binding, freeze-thaw stability, reduced costs and much more. Whether you want to offer clean and simple labels, boost nutrition, modify for top-notch performance or improve the sensory experience of your products, there is a starch for you.

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  • Clean Label, Gluten Free Starches and Flours with the Novation and Vitessence ranges.
  • Clinical and Infant Nutrition - UNI-PURE® Dys-sperse dysphagia thickener
  • Boost Fibre and resistant starch invisibly with Hi-Maize
  • Plant-based Pulse Proteins with Vitessence