Sarah Beaton

Business Development Manager

I’m currently a Business Development Manager for Hawkins Watts but have previously held other roles within the business including Quality Assurance and R&D Technical since starting here in 2013.

I enjoy the variety of my role, working with different teams within the business, suppliers and customers across the industry. It seems that every day there is a new and different challenge to keep you on your toes. The family culture at Hawkins Watts makes such a huge difference, I can honestly say I love working with every person in the business and have a huge amount of respect for them.

I have always loved food, growing up I did a lot of cooking with my Dad. Science was a passion at high school and when I found out there was a degree that linked food and science I was sold.

After spending the days with my work family, I go home to my partner and two daughters. They are my biggest inspiration. I want to teach my daughters you can balance a career you love and a great family life!

While I don’t have a lot of down time at the moment, I do enjoy cake decorating, baking, playing netball and the occasional set of tennis.