Peter Hawkins

Founder / Director

I started Hawkins Watts in 1992 after many years working for Pfizer in New Zealand.

To me, service and people are fundamental to a great business, and it was how I planned to differentiate Hawkins Watts from the outset. That was easy on day one, because it was just me! Today, I am proud to say that great service and great people remain a key point of differentiation for Hawkins Watts, in both New Zealand and Australia.

While I’m retired now, Hawkins Watts remains a key part of my life.

In my personal time, I enjoy fishing, playing tennis and walking. I also have four, young grandchildren that I also enjoy spending time with. My wife, who has been very supportive over the years while I was building Hawkins Watts, is the other key part of my life.

And did I mention fishing?