Natalie Statham

Logistics & Customer Services Manager

My role at Hawkins Watts is Logistics and Customer Services Manager. I have been with Hawkins Watts for over 26 years and still love what I do. The day is always busy and varied, as with anyone in purchasing and logistics, it is a crazy time to import products. I am also involved in our manufacturing side of the business and make sure they have what they need, when the need it. We have a great team across Hawkins Watts and it is always exciting seeing the new product developments/products that we are involved in and what end product they go into. It is always nice to know I help to get that product out into the market in some way and knowing they are high quality products.

Outside of Hawkins Watts I live on 10 acres south of Auckland with my Husband and kids. There is always something to do around the property and I love getting into the vege garden. Best part of living where I do is enjoying time with family and friends sitting on the deck with a wine at the end of a day watching the sun sets over the west coast, so beautiful.