Keleni Ungounga

Customer Services

I work within our Customer Services team at Hawkins Watts and I’m dedicated to providing the very best service to our customers. I really enjoy being part of the frontline of defense, resolving issues and providing support. I also process orders and work to the best of my ability to show our customers we care.

I really enjoy working in the food industry, tasting the new products that the team are working on, it’s always interesting to see what is being developed.

Hawkins Watts is a really family orientated company, who welcomes others from different nationalities.

My six children (4 boys and 2 girls) are my greatest inspiration and the reason I get up every morning, and I work hard to support them in their lives. I am happily married and since my eldest children are now in their 20’s, I’m ready for grandchildren but unfortunately, they are still enjoying pre-family life. Outside of work and day to day family life, I enjoy singing and being an active member of our church.