Debbie Hawkes

IT Systems & Process Manager

My career has focused on Quality, Food Safety & Operations roles, which has taught me the continuous improvement mantra “work smarter not harder”. Therefore, my role has morphed into the IT Systems & Process Manager. Developing IT solutions to tackle the ever-changing challenges facing our business, gives me a lot of job satisfaction.

I’m inspired by the great work of the Allergen Bureau, so I volunteered as a director, and I’m very thankful that Hawkins Watts fully supports this. The Allergen Bureau is a wonderful example of Food Industry collaboration to support allergen management best practice, ultimately improving outcomes for food allergic consumers.

At home, I live with my husband, and we have two adult sons, no longing living with us, but we love catching up with them when we can. I’m keen to keep fit, (which we all know doesn’t get any easier), so we try hard to maintain a daily walking and gym schedule. And let’s not forget mental fitness, so I do love a good Wordle.