WattsUp Trend Watch: Veggies in Disguise

Veggies in Disguise are on the Rise

Functional, healthy and delicious food is at the top of consumers’ agendas this year. While the global pandemic has driven an increased interest in health, people also want tasty, comforting food. Fussy children used to be the main targets of these ‘hidden veggie’ products – but no more. Nowadays, adults are also on the lookout for meals or products that incorporate extra vegetables and other healthy ingredients without compromising on taste. Anything that can make life simpler, while also making you healthier, is proving to be a winning combination. As Peekaboo Ice Cream founder Jessica Levison notes, food products that boost their health profile can offer consumers an ‘indulgent treat that has hidden benefits—something people desperately need as many of us seek comfort in food in the stressful times we are all living with’. 

This months trend report looks at why ‘health hacking’ is being called out as a top trend of 2021, and showcases some interesting products from around the world that are innovating in this space.

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