WattsUp Trend Watch – Nutrition for Eye Health

Eye Health Comes to the Fore

The concept of eye health hasn’t yet reached the level of cultural normalcy that immune health or gut health have. Historically, many consumers haven’t worried too much about how nutrition plays into their eye health – particularly younger consumers. However, given the excessive screen time that most of us have been exposed to over the past 18 months, this is set to change. We all remember the stories our Mum used to tell us about sitting too close to the TV. ‘Your eyes will go square!’ she’d say. And now after over a year of lockdowns and pandemic-induced ‘digital bingeing’, we’re all testing that theory! Luckily, we haven’t seen any reports of square eyes so far. However, concerns around eye strain and deteriorating eyesight are certainly becoming more common.

In this WattsUp Trend Watch report, we look at how food and drink products are innovating to support eye health. Products that support vision health are certainly proliferating, and may indeed accelerate in the coming years. That being said, there is still significant scope for further innovation.

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