WattsUp Trend Watch: Mellow Yellow

Mellow Yellow

The fashion, furniture, industrial design and packaging industries are usually the ones to closely follow the Pantone Colour of the Year trends. But why not also in the world of food and beverage? As this trend report details, Pantone has chosen Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey as the joint colours of the year for 2021. These two colours are predicted to trend throughout the year, and are said to convey strength, hopefulness and positivity. Although these may seem like unusual colours for food or drink, consumers nowadays are actually seeking out unexpected colours. Because social media rewards the unexpected, off-beat colour trends such as this are becoming more and more common. Think vibrant yellow macarons, black lattes and multi-coloured dumplings.

Our latest Trend Watch report looks at how these two colours can be incorporated into food and beverage products. We’ve also included some interesting menu items for general inspiration!

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