WattsUp Trend Watch – Christmas Care

Christmas Care

In late 2020 Mintel predicted that ethical and environmental claims would resonate well with consumers in 2021. Despite the pandemic and its dire economic consequences, they saw that people were ready to support their fellow humans and protect the planet. In their Global Food & Drink Trends report, they noted that consumers’ ethical expectations would play a big part in successful launches in the coming year. People want to make a difference, and food and drink products can help them to do so! We’ve certainly seen an exciting array of ethical, sustainable and delicious products being launched this year – from upcycled vegan mayo to cheesecake supporting small farmers and their communities. However, Christmas is the season of giving, and so we thought it would be particularly interesting to see how new festive launches around the world reflect this growing interest in ethical consumption.

In this WattsUp Trend Watch report, we look at how brands have highlighted their ethical or sustainable credentials in their Christmas launches.

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