WattsUp Trend Watch – Healthier Yoghurt


How can you ensure your yoghurt product stands out on the shelves? This report looks into what consumers are looking for in yoghurts, and how some brands are responding to these demands for healthier yoghurt.

WattsUp Trend Watch – Heat Resistant Postbiotics


With consumers growing awareness of the gut microbiomes fundamental role in their health, many people recognise the need to support their digestive system. Postbiotics is tipped to become the next ingredient for gut health.

Techniques to Match Colour Shade in Food


Matching and changing colours in processed foods can be a complex task. So let our applications technologist, Elise Waddell, walk you through the techniques to make your job easier!

Alcohol-Free Beverages: A Year in Review


Gone are the days of sickly-sweet mocktails or club sodas – alcohol-free options have exploded in 2021. Find out what the biggest changes were for this trending category, and see our predictions for what’s next.

WattsUp Trend Watch – Christmas Care


Food and drink brands that support social and ethical causes can create deeper connections with consumers. Let’s see how this played out in Christmas launches.

What is the Flavour Pyramid?


Flavour is at the core of creating delicious food and drink. Find out how the Flavour Pyramid can help you create complex and delicious flavours every time.

Sugar Replacement in Bakery


Replacing sugar in bakery applications can be a minefield. This article looks at some of the key issues to take into account when replacing sugar, and our recommendations for how to succeed.

WattsUp Trend Watch – Cutting-Edge Caffeination


In this Trend Watch report, we look at how coffee brands are differentiating their offerings through both indulgence and functionality. Consumers are looking for more than just a standard cup of coffee, and brands have heard their demands loud and clear!