Global Demand for Collagen Increases

Collagen, the most prominent protein in the body, plays a vital role in the function of nearly all of the body’s organs and tissues. With the growing popularity of protein and beauty supplements, and as consumers lean into healthier lifestyles, collagen is rapidly gaining traction. Similarly, with a global aging population, its bone and joint benefits will become increasingly relevant.

Benefits of Collagen Peptides

Healthy Running

Collagen, in one convenient product, provides a variety of proven benefits. As a pure protein, it offers an easy way to boost protein content and quality. But its benefits go far further than that.

  • Peptan collagen peptides have been shown in clinical studies to improve the overall appearance of skin and hair, including in areas such as wrinkle reduction, hair strength and skin elasticity.
  • Because it is a key component of cartilage tissue, maintaining levels of collagen is also essential to maintaining healthy and flexible joints. Peptan IIm – a product sourced from cartilage with targeted joint health properties – specifically targets this area.
  • As well as this, 90% of our organic bone mass is made up of collagen. Taking Peptan has been shown to stimulate bone-forming cells and reduce bone deterioration.
  • Peptan also offers multiple benefits for sportspeople. With its unique amino acid profile, it is linked to shorter recovery times after exercise and increased performance.

Outlook of the Market

It’s the perfect time to invest in collagen due to the predicted rapid growth of the market. Asia Pacific is already a leading market in this space, and demand is currently growing at the fastest global rate.

In Australia, this source of pure protein is making waves in the nutrition bar and nutrition shake segments. However, new product launches in the US and the UK are embracing even more creative approaches. From protein packed chocolate bars to functional soft drinks, collagen is everywhere!

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