Welcome to ingredientStop

For more than 10 years we have been servicing your functional ingredient needs with smaller pack sizes through this website. Unfortunately, the time has come to close the website as it is no longer supported. The good news is that you can continue to purchase all our ingredients through Hawkins Watts in the same pack sizes as before. Just contact us at:

ingredientStop History

The concept of ingredientStop came about following the recognition that smaller food manufacturers often have to purchase large quantities of food ingredients that are likely to expire before the full amount is used in production. Not only does this cost the manufacturer money, but it also creates unnecessary waste.

At the same time, ingredientStop realised that it would be an added benefit if these small packs of ingredients could be easily ordered online and delivered to the door.

In response to customer demand to date, ingredientStop compiled an extensive, online product range of specialty ingredients in smaller packs, along with comprehensive product documentation for more 10years.