Daily intakes of several minerals and vitamins are necessary for the continued basic functioning of the human body.

In selecting the correct mineral, it is important to consider such factors as solubility, taste, bioavailability and interaction with other ingredients in the food system.

Hawkins Watts can offer a range of minerals for pharmaceuticals, nutritional supplements and food fortification:

  • High purity USP and FCC – such as Magnesium phosphate
  • Ultra Pure extra-high purity calcium salts exhibiting extremely low levels of Al, Pb, Mn, Fe and other vagrant metals, rendering them up to 50 times more pure than similar products on the market, with a maximum of 1 ppm for Pb, As, and Cd, and a maximum of 0.1 ppm for Hg.
  • Low Aluminum Calcium Phosphate Tribasic (TCP)
  • JOSTCOTE® microencapsulated high purity mineral salts. Engineered for the nutritional and food fortification markets.
  • Specialty Chelates – bioavailability advantages of mineral chelates

For more information on The Importance of Minerals in the Long Term Health of Humans, please see the download from JOST in the menu on the right.