Hawkins Watts is proud to represent Pecan Deluxe Candy Co. and their extensive array inclusions and decorations.

From cookie dough to praline pecans, there are both sweet and savoury options for applications including ice cream, bakery, dessert, confectionery and beverage.

  • Textured ripples & toppings
  • Pralines
  • Bake-stable options
  • Candy inclusions
  • Filled cups
  • Extruded inclusions

As a result of our supply partnership with Felix Koch Offenbach (Offenbach, Germany), we have a range of speciality inclusions available:

Montélimar Nougat is named after the town in southern France where people flock to just for a taste of the exquisite nougat produced there.

Montélimar Nougat Chips contain a minimum of 85 % Montélimar Nougat. Light beige and white crunchy, they are coated with cocoa butter, which acts as a barrier to moisture migration, ensuring a crunchy texture. The flavour is a harmonious blend of honey, almonds and natural vanilla.

Nougat chips are used in chocolate products, snack bars and ice cream. They can also be used as topping and coating for decoration.

Available in two sizes, each in 15 kg cartons:
FK 824 3 – 12 mm pieces
FK 825 1.6 – 4 mm pieces

Montélimar Nougat Cream is a light beige, homogenous paste with a creamy texture. Its taste is a harmonious blend of honey, almonds and natural vanilla. It is designed to flavour ice cream and other kinds of desserts or pastries to which it brings a characteristic Montélimar Nougat taste.

The product can be pasteurised after dilution but cannot withstand temperatures higher than 40 °C if used pure.

Nougat Cream is available in 20 kg pails (minimum purchase volumes apply for shipment from supplier)

Toffee Pieces

Delicious, soft toffee pieces made from sweetened condensed milk, glucose and butter. They are suitable as inclusions in ice cream and snack bars.

There are two sizes available, each in 6.5 kg cartons:

FK 502 1.5 mm (L), 4.5 – 7 mm (w/h) as well as a Bake-stable version.
FK 507 5 – 7 mm (L/W/H)

Butter Almond Toffee Pieces

Crunchy toffee pieces with the taste of caramelised almonds. The pieces are inconsistent in size, although mostly smaller than 5 mm.

The pack size is 13 kg.

Mocha Paste

Manufactured by roughly chopping and finely grinding freshly-roasted coffee beans. The resulting coffee powder is combined with cocoa butter to produce a highly concentrated paste with a wonderful coffee aroma and flavour.

It is especially useful for chocolate and wafer inlays, block chocolate, desserts, ice cream, cakes and pastries.
The pack size is a 20 kg block.