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March 2013

Kibbling of Cocoa butter and Cocoa liquor . . .

Hawkins Watts New Zealand commissioned a bespoke piece of equipment in 2012 specifically to kibble blocks of cocoa butter and cocoa liquor. Kibbling is the term which describes the controlled disintegration of large blocks of cocoa butter and liquor to produce irregular chunks which are easy to use in further manufacturing.

HWNZ now offers both cocoa derivatives in kibbled form and will contract kibble product for interested third parties.

Emulsifier Selector . . .

Hawkins Watts New Zealand has designed a generic emulsifier selector tool to assist technologists in the selection of the best emulsifier type for a particular food application. This selector is compliant with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code.

Emulsifier selector

The addition of this selector means that HWNZ now has three selector tools available for use by savvy technologists, namely:

      Gum selector
      Colour selector
      Emulsifier selector

Use the selector tools to identify the correct product and contact HWNZ for a sample. Simple.

Palsgaard News . . .

Palsgaard A/S, a global market leader for chocolate and extruded whipping cake emulsifiers, is expecting to grow further in the Asia Pacific region. The company is on track to open a new factory in neighbouring Johor Bahru, Malaysia by mid-2013, and planning to produce
emulsifiers and integrated blends to expand its market leadership to dairy, ice cream, margarine as well as in soya beverages over the next year.

Palsgaard has already invested in a Regional Application Centre in Singapore worth more than US$8.2 million for dairy, ice cream, soya, bakery, and confectionery applications, and is planning on doing more in Asia. A pilot plant for margarine is currently in the works. The company is also in the final phase of constructing a fully automated 20,000-metric-tonne emulsifier plant in Johor Bahru to complement the Singapore facilities and satisfy customer demand for high quality emulsifiers and stabilisers.

Backed by its facilities in this part of the world, Palsgaard will address the needs of food manufacturers in Asia by developing customised solutions and further enhancing technical service and application support to customers.

The Palsgaard production facility in Johor Bahru will produce high quality food emulsifiers that include distilled monoglycerides (DMG), sodium stearoyl-2-lactylate (SSL), propylene glycerol esters of fatty acids (PGMS) and mono- and di-glycerides (MDG). Palsgaard will also produce integrated blends of emulsifiers and stabilisers for the dairy, ice cream and soya milk manufacturers.

Website Competition . . .

Our competition is back and you have a chance to win the $40 Farro Fresh Food voucher again.

The questions can be answered by researching our website and using the EMULSIFIER SELECTOR tool. www.hawkinswatts.com/toolbox1.htm

Question 1:
In a Meat application you would like to create stable emulsions in cold processed meats, reduce cooking loss and reduce purge loss during storage. What ingredient(s) could help you?

Question 2:
You would like to improve dispersibility in instant drinks in your Beverage application. What ingredient(s) could help you?
Please send your answers to veronika@hawkinswatts.com
Local colour blend manufacture . . .

Hawkins Watts New Zealand commissioned colour blending equipment in its state-of-the-art repacking facility in Maurice Road in late 2012. It is now able to produce small batches of colour specifically to support the requirements of the NZ market.

Making blends locally will reduce lead times and improve the cost competitiveness of the material sold by HWNZ. The blending facility is supported by a full suite of analytical equipment, including a UV-Vis Spectrophotometer.

The FOODBOWL Open Day: March 13 and 14 . . .

Auckland’s innovation centre, The FOODBOWL is opening its doors to the industry and public on the 13th and 14th of March to showcase its capability and state of the art processing suites.

Hawkins Watts has partnered with the team at The FOODBOWL to develop several concepts to be produced on the day. If you haven’t had the opportunity to see inside The FOODBOWL we highly recommend you get out to have a look. We would love to see you there!

The open day is a chance to:

    See real food products created live, view
         finished products and talk with users of
         The FOODBOWL.
    Discover new technologies and processes:
         High Pressure Processing, Twin-Screw Extruding
         and Aseptic Bottle Filling.
    Talk with industry experts, equipment suppliers
         and capability providers to the food and beverage
    Hear key presentations that will help grow new
    Enjoy a networking opportunity.

To register for the open days, go to www.foodinnovationnetwork.co.nz/

FMC Corporation News

In the second half of 2012 FMC Corporation acquired two food ingredient manufacturers namely:

Phytone Limited - a leading natural colour producer based in the United Kingdom.

At the time of the acquisition Pierre Brondeau, President CEO and Chairman of FMC Corporation stated “This acquisition underscores our commitment to grow FMC’s new natural colours portfolio, and represents another important step in our Vision 2015 growth strategy. We expect the high-growth, natural colours market to reach well over $1 billion by 2015. The addition of Phytone’s unique colour technology, coupled with our acquisition last year of Chilean-based South Pole BioGroup, greatly strengthens our position in this exciting market”.

Pectine Italia – a leading Italian based manufacturer of pectin for the food ingredients market. The acquisition marks FMC’s entry into the pectin market, expanding the company’s industry-leading portfolio of hydrocolloid texturants and stabilizers.

“ This acquisition continues our strategic expansion into the high-growth, natural-based food ingredients market,” said Michael Wilson, president, FMC Specialty Chemicals. “With our recent acquisitions of two natural food colours businesses, our entry into pectin underscores our commitment to broaden FMC’s portfolio of innovative food ingredients. It also represents another important step in our Vision 2015 growth”.

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