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Low solids fruit spreads & low calorie jams.

Citric Acid Acidulants

Used to lower pH to the optimum pH range for stabilisers such as pectins (pH 3.0 – 3.4).

Also used to balance the perception of acid and sweetness, especially in fruit products.
Citric Acid is a natural acidulant that gives a pleasant acid note.
Tartaric Acid   Tartaric Acid from Australian Tartaric Products is a natural acidulant, but with a slightly more acidic profile than citric acid.

Other less commonly used acidulants are summarised in the Acidulants section.
Ascorbic acid Antioxidant Although prone to quicker discolouration, ascorbic acid can often be used to maintain colour in low calorie products.
Essential Oils Aromatics, flavour enhancers Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils offers a comprehensive range of herb and spice-based essential oils.

Amedeo Giovanni offers a full range of citrus essential oils, including orange, lemon and lime.
Maltol   Maltol has been found to enhance some fruit flavours and reduce undesirable notes from artificial sweeteners.
Oleoresins   Oleoresins from Lionel Hitchen Essential Oils include cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg.
Maltodextrin Bulking agents

Used where a non-standard jam is made, often with lower calorific content.
Maltodextrin from ADM can be added as a nutritive bulking agent, with reduced sweetness in the final product.
Polydextrose   Polydextrose from CJ is a bland bulking agent with virtually no sweetness, and reduced calorific content.
Natural Colours, Artificial Colours Colour Hawkins Watts New Zealand offers a comprehensive range of natural and artificial colours for use in all food and beverage applications.

Our suppliers, Cathay Industries, DD Williamson and FMC BioPolymer, cover the colour spectrum.
Flavours Flavours

Flavour perception in low calorie products is affected significantly by the absence of sugar. The final acid / sugar balance can have a dramatic effect on the final flavour perception.
Symrise offers an extensive range of fruit flavours and is exceptionally strong in berry, stone fruit and tropical flavours.

If you require further details of offerings from our flavour library please contact us.
Alginate Gelling agents, gums, hydrocolloids, thickeners, stabilisers Protanal Alginate from FMC BioPolymer is ideally suited to spreads with pH in the range 3.6 – 4.0, irrespective of the solids level. It gives excellent fruit appearance, flavour release and mouthfeel.
Carrageenan   FMC BioPolymer Carrageenans can be used at very low levels of solids.

FMC BioPolymer can supply a bespoke Gelcarin Carrageenan that is an ideal gelling agent for dry mix, low-sugar jams with a pH between 3.5 – 3.8.
Pectin   Classic Amid AF020 pectin from Herbstreith & Fox is a general-purpose, amidated pectin suitable for low-solids jams and marmalades.

Classic AB901 pectin from Herbstreith & Fox can be also be used to increase filling viscosity and prevent fruit flotation.
Xanthan   Xanthan can sometimes be used to reduce fruit flotation in jams without interfering with the pectin set.
Calcium Citrate Minerals Calcium Citrate from Jost Chemicals is a fine, powdered material, with low levels of aluminium, suited to specialty mineral applications. It has a standardised solubility, and is important to set up gels with low methoxyl pectins and some alginates.

See our Minerals section
Potassium sorbate Preservatives

Given the temperatures involved in baking, combined with high solids and often low pH, preservatives are usually only required as insurance against yeast or mould growth.
Potassium sorbate is often used to prevent yeast and mould growth. Potassium sorbate loses effectiveness if the pH is greater than 6.5.
Sodium Benzoate   Sodium Benzoate has similar effect on yeast and mould growth, but needs to be used in a product pH below 4.
Fructose Sweetener

Provide sweetness and enhance flavours.
Cornsweet Fructose from ADM is a natural sugar, with 1.2 – 1.6 times the sweetness of sucrose. Fructose can also be used for enhancing berry flavours.
Stevia   Stevia from Daepyung is a natural high-intensity sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the Stevia plant with applications in low-sugar formulations.
Sweetness enhancer   SymLife® Sweet from Symrise is a flavouring which enhances sweetness, while allowing sucrose levels to be reduced by as much as 30%. SymLife® Sweet works well in combination with artificial sweeteners to help round out the aftertaste.

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Using Our Ingredients:

For more information on the use of our ingredients in low solids spreads, and other spreads and sauces applications, from our Technical Toolbox:

Reduced calorie fruit spread recipe, with polydextrose &fructose (H&F) (pdf)

Reduced sugar fruit spread recipe (H&F) (pdf)

FMC BioPolymer Products Selection Grid — Fruit Preparations (pdf)
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