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Polydextrose Bulking Agent Polydextrose from CJ is used to replace sugar solids in low calorie or no sugar/sugar-reduced formulations, in conjunction with either artificial sweeteners or sugar.
Cocoa Powder Colour, Flavour De Zaan™ Cocoa Powder from ADM provides the right flavour and colour for the right application. Typical cocoa powders include:

De Zaan™ 250-DP-11
"A mildly alkalised cocoa with good colour and flavour"”

De Zaan™ D11S
A rich European-style cocoa with rich flavour, dark brown in appearance"”

Important quality attributes include nib content, shell content and microbial levels, each of which are very low in De Zaan™ cocoas.

Hawkins Watts New Zealand has many more products available. Please contact us for further information.
Natural Colours, Artificial Colours Colour Hawkins Watts New Zealand offers a comprehensive range of natural and artificial colours for use in beverage applications.

Our suppliers, Cathay Industries, DD Williamson and FMC BioPolymer, cover the colour spectrum.
Emulsifier/stabiliser blends Emulsifier Palsgaard supplies a range of emulsifier/stabiliser blends for low fat, standard and premium ice creams to give meltdown resistance, a creamy or refreshing mouthfeel, and pleasant flavour release.
Flavours Flavour Symrise has vast expertise in flavour requirements for ice cream products. Flavours are available in both liquid and powder forms.
Carrageenan Gums, hydrocolloids, thickeners, stabilisers Seakem Carrageenans from FMC BioPolymer are added to ice cream for syneresis control and texture modification.
Microcrystalline Cellulose (MCC)   Novagel Microcrystalline Cellulosefrom FMC BioPolymer is used extensively in full and low fat ice cream. It assists in foam stabilisation and fat emulsification, as well as improving creaminess and control of ice crystal growth during freeze/thaw cycling.
Stabiliser/emulsifier systems   Palsgaard supplies a range of emulsifier/stabiliser blends for low fat, standard and premium ice creams to give meltdown resistance, a creamy or refreshing mouthfeel and pleasant flavour release.
Nougat Pieces, Toffee Pieces Inclusions We have a comprehensive range of inclusions from Felix Koch Offenbach GmbH (FKO) Germany, including toffee and nougat pieces.

Through our partnership with Felix Koch Offenbach we have access to a range of premium quality inclusions. Most of these are made to order by our supplier in Germany, so minimum order volumes apply.
Dextrose Sweeteners Dextrose monohydrate is a powdered sweetener with a lower sweetness than sucrose that can be added to decrease the freezing point without excessively affecting sweetness.
Fructose   Cornsweet Fructose from ADM can be used in products where sweetness profile and glucose content need to be controlled.

ADM Cornsweet Fructose, a crystalline sweetener with 1.2 - 1.6 times the sweetness of sucrose. It also has a low glycaemic index.
Stevia   Stevia from Daepyung is a natural high-intensity sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the Stevia plant with applications in low-sugar formulations.
Sweetness enhancer   SymLife® Sweet from Symrise is a flavouring which enhances sweetness, while allowing sucrose levels to be reduced by as much as 30%. SymLife® Sweet works well in combination with artificial sweeteners to help round out the aftertaste.

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Using Our Ingredients:

For more information on the use of our ingredients in frozen desserts, and other dairy applications, from our Technical Toolbox:

FMC BioPolymer Products Selection Grid — Frozen Desserts (pdf)

Ice Cream using Alginate and Carrageenan (FMC BioPolymer) (pdf)
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