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Disodium phosphate, Sodium hexametaphosphate Acidity regulators, buffering agents Small amounts of disodium phosphate or sodium hexametaphosphate may buffer the pH and sequester excess amounts of calcium ions to give good texture and shelf life.
Glucono delta lactone (GDL) Acidulants Glucono delta lactone (GDL) can also be useful in lowering pH without contributing excessive tartness.
Lactic Acid   When the pH of the system needs to be controlled, Lactic Acid is our first choice, due to its compatibility with dairy systems and flavours.
Maltodextrin Bulking agents

Used where a product with reduced sweetness and cost is required.
Maltodextrin from ADM can be added as a nutritive bulking agent, with reduced sweetness in the final product. The use of a small amount of maltodextrin can improve mouthfeel and “bulk” without adding significantly to sweetness.
Polydextrose   Polydextrose from CJ is a bland bulking agent with virtually no sweetness, and reduced calorific content.
Caramelised Sugars Aromatic, Flavour Caramelised sugars from Felix Koch Offenbach (FKO) provide varying degrees of caramel flavour, from mild caramel, right through to the dark bitter 75/760-02

The Felix Koch Offenbach (FKO) Caramelised Sugar range is a cost effective and consistent ingredient that gives excellent caramel flavour.

The Felix Koch Offenbach (FKO) Caramelised Sugar range also allows manufacturers to remove any traditional caramelisation step from manufacturing, improving efficiency and consistency of final product.
Cocoa Powder Colour, Flavour While there are several cocoa and chocolate flavours, nothing matches the flavour of a good cocoa powder.

Typical De Zaan™ cocoa powders from ADM include:

De Zaan™ 250-DP-11
“A mildly alkalised cocoa with good colour and flavour”

De Zaan™ D-11-S
“A European-style cocoa with rich flavour, dark brown in appearance”

Important quality attributes include nib content, shell content and microbial levels, each of which are very low in De Zaan™ cocoas.

Hawkins Watts New Zealand has several cocoa grades available. Please contact us for more information.
Natural Colours, Artificial Colours Colour Hawkins Watts New Zealand offers a comprehensive range of natural and artificial colours for use in dessert applications. Generally, artificial colours are more stable and cost effective.

Our suppliers, Cathay Industries, DD Williamson and FMC BioPolymer, cover the colour spectrum.
Mono-di glycerides Emulsifier Where additional emulsification is required, Palsgaard emulsifiers can provide emulsion stability. Palsgaard dispersible mono-di glycerides are well suited to dairy systems.
Flavours Flavour Symrise has vast expertise in flavour requirements for dessert and dairy products. Symrise is particularly strong in the “Brown” flavours, including caramel, coffee, chocolate and vanilla.
Carrageenan Gum, hydrocolloid, thickener, stabiliser FMC BioPolymer has a range of Lactogel carrageenan systems specifically for use in hot or cold filled dairy desserts. The main advantages of using Lactogel systems are a creamy mouthfeel, low dosage and low process viscosity.
Antifoam Processing aid Foaming can be a major issue in dairy based systems. Our range of antifoams includes a choice of silicon-based and non-silicon-based products.
Fructose Sweeteners Cornsweet Fructose from ADM is a crystalline sweetener with 1.2 to 1.6 times the sweetness of sucrose. ADM Cornsweet Fructose can be used in products where sweetness profile and glucose content need to be controlled.

ADM Cornsweet Fructose also has a low glycaemic index and is very soluble.
Stevia   Stevia from Daepyung is a natural high-intensity sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the Stevia plant with applications in low-sugar formulations.
Sweetness enhancer   SymLife® Sweet from Symrise is a flavouring which enhances sweetness, while allowing sucrose levels to be reduced by as much as 30%. SymLife® Sweet works well in combination with artificial sweeteners to help round out the aftertaste.

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For more information on the use of our ingredients in milk-based desserts, and other dairy applications, from our Technical Toolbox:

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