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Sodium Citrate Acidity regulator and buffering agent

Buffering agents are often used to sequester calcium and other ions, especially where calcium sensitive gelling agents are used such as amidated and low ester pectins, and alginates.
In highly acidic environments, Sodium Citrate can be used to quickly buffer the pH up.
Citric Acid Acidulant Citric Acid is a natural acidulant that gives a pleasant acid note and is often used to achieve the optimum pH in fruit-based glazing systems.

Other less commonly used acidulants are summarised in the Acidulant section
Cocoa Powder Colour, flavour Depending on the origin, degree of alkalisation and fat content, the DeZaan™ Cocoa Powder range from ADM provides a variety of colour and flavour options.

Highly alkalised cocoa powders are often more suited to dusting on baked products.
Natural Colours, Artificial Colours Colour Hawkins Watts New Zealand offers a comprehensive range of natural and artificial colours for use in all bakery applications.

Our suppliers, Cathay Industries, DD Williamson and FMC BioPolymer, cover the colour spectrum.
Dehydrated Herbs and Dehydrated Vegetable pieces Dehydrated products trokost offers a range of dehydrated herbs and vegetable pieces which can provide flavour as well as colour and texture to the appearance of baked products.
Flavours Flavour Symrise offers an extensive range of fruit flavours, along with an assortment of butter and cream flavours for bakery applications.

If you require further details of offerings from our flavour library, please contact us.
Alginate Gums, hydrocolloids, thickeners, stabilisers Protanal Alginate from FMC BioPolymer is the standard gelling agent used in bake-stable Bavarian cream / Boston cream and custards. Alginates allow a cold preparation, impart excellent Bake-stable properties and create a shiny appearance in bakery items. By selecting the appropriate Protanal alginate, gelling properties can be modified to achieve the desired consistency.
Carrageenan   Gelcarin carrageenan from FMC BioPolymer is the primary gelling ingredient in making ‘Tortenguss’ a German-type cake glaze. It produces a high gel-strength and clear, transparent gel with minimum syneresis.

Viscarin Carrageenan from FMC BioPolymer can also be used in icings to improve stability and coating properties. It helps to improve timely setting parameters and prevents drying-out of the icings. Due to its partially cold-soluble properties, Viscarin carrageenan is an excellent stabiliser for creating non-bake-stable cream fillings. The carrageenan will give a creamy, shear thinning texture.
Locust Bean Gum (LBG)   Locust Bean Gum (LBG) is sometimes used in combination with kappa carrageenan. Their synergistic behaviour will form stronger and more elastic gels, with outstanding syneresis control. This synergy is typically used in cake glazes for spray machines, and industrial types of cake glaze.
Pectin   Herbstreith and Fox has a full range of pectins for bakery glazes and nappages. Most of these are based on the H&F Amidated pectin range, and will melt upon heating, allowing easy application to cakes.
Toffee Pieces and Nougat Pieces Inclusions We have a comprehensive range of inclusions from Felix Koch Offenbach GmbH (FKO) of Germany, including toffee and nougat pieces.

Through our partnership with Felix Koch Offenbach we have access to a range of premium quality inclusions. Most of these are made to order by our supplier in Germany, so minimum order volumes apply.
Potassium Sorbate Preservatives Potassium sorbate is often used to prevent yeast and mould growth in toppings. Potassium sorbate loses effectiveness if the pH is greater than 6.5.
Sodium Benzoate   Sodium Benzoate has a similar effect on yeast and mould growth, but needs to be used in a product with pH below 4.
Acesulphame K Sweeteners Acesulphame K is a high Intensity sweetener
Fructose   Cornsweet Fructose from ADM is a crystalline sweetener with 1.2 to 1.6 times the sweetness of sucrose. ADM Cornsweet Fructose can be used in products where sweetness profile and glucose content need to be controlled.

ADM Cornsweet Fructose also has a low glycaemic index and can enhance the flavour profile in some products such as berry drinks.
Stevia   Stevia from Daepyung is a natural high-intensity sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the Stevia plant with applications in low-sugar formulations.
Sweetness enhancer   SymLife® Sweet from Symrise is a flavouring which enhances sweetness, while allowing sucrose levels to be reduced by as much as 30%. SymLife® Sweet works well in combination with artificial sweeteners to help round out the aftertaste.

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